Backing British farmers

Back British Farming Day 13 September 2017 (1)

I am pleased to support the local community and National Farmers’ Union in the ‘Back British Farming’ campaign day today. Farming is the backbone of the rural economy and supports a number of businesses across the constituency as well as making a huge contribution to North East Cambridgeshire. The Fens are home to over 4000 …

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Fixing Domino’s broken window

Domino's Wisbech

For what feels like many months I have been driving past Domino’s in Wisbech with its boarded-up window and wondering why it hasn’t been fixed. I am sure I am not the only one to have been frustrated by this. So I have been in touch with Domino’s to make the point that this needs fixing and work is well overdue. I am …

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Co-operatives to save money thanks to change in audit requirements


Co-operatives could save up to £10K a year thanks to new government proposals requiring fewer of them to appoint an auditor. Co-operatives are mutually-owned businesses that are run by and for their members, and community benefit societies operated for the benefit of the community. Currently, co-operatives with a turnover of less than £5.6 million and assets …

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New questions have arisen with regard to the relationship between the LEP and Opportunity Peterborough, following further leaked papers


Following further leaked papers a number of new questions have arisen with regard to the relationship between the LEP and Opportunity Peterborough.   What date did the LEP first have concerns that the business engagement numbers for Opportunity Peterborough were incorrect and not those reported in their Quarterly returns? Was Mark Reeve informed in November …

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Fenland’s Derelict Buildings – 2 Years Later

After Pic

Back when I was first elected, I repeatedly questioned the lack of action to resolve the derelict Constantine House in Wisbech, only to be told the landlord refused to act. I found this unacceptable, and researched in the House of Commons library for a way to resolve this. I uncovered some old legislation called a …

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Wisbech Rock Festival

wisbech rock festival 1

Wisbech Rock Festival once again proved to be a fantastic day out for everyone who visited, that was headlined by Dr Feelgood. The event which had music offerings for all taste was a resounding success. Congratulations to the organisers of the Rock Festival for such a successful day, and I am sure those attending will …

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Nations Gardens Day at Elgoods Brewery

Elgoods 1

The Elgood’s Brewery in Wisbech opened its doors on Sunday in support of the National Gardens Day Scheme. The brewery, which was established in 1795, contains four acres of stunning gardens, and mature specimen trees which are around 250 years old.

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Chatteris in Myth and Memory

Chatteris in Myth and Memory Richard Savage Steve Barclay and Marian Savill 4

‘How comforting to place the blame not on human error, but the mythical panoply of Fen Horrors that included the Dead Hands, Witches, Jack o’ Lanterns – spiteful little creatures with little twinkling lanterns on their backs – Crawling Horrors, and decaying willows called Snags that wound their branches around unwary night travellers and held …

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