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As an animal lover and owner of a much loved family dog, the idea that our pet or other animals like him don’t have feelings is clearly nonsense.

Sadly in the social media age in which we live, fake news is often circulated which is simply not true. This was clear to anyone who watched the Parliamentary debate and would also have been clear from a quick check of the Government’s position on this matter.

I am sorry that you appear to have been misled. I very much hope that we will increase animal welfare standards once we leave the European Union, which continues to allow animal welfare practises like bull fighting, which has no place in a future independent United Kingdom.

The Government has taken a number of measures to improve animal welfare standards including:

- Increasing the prison sentence for animal abusers to up to 5 years
- Making CCTV mandatory in slaughterhouses
- Banning the sale of ivory
- Banning plastic microbeads which harm marine life

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