Losing a loved one is devastating and it is right we provide people with easily accessible support to help them through the difficult period following bereavement. That’s why, just over a year ago the Conservatives introduced Bereavement Support Payment (BSP). BSP is provided for 18 months after a loved one dies and consists of an initial payment to be followed by smaller monthly instalments.

How has the new Bereavement Support Payment helped Constituents in North East Cambridgeshire?

  • Unlike the previous suite of benefits, Bereavement Support Payment is not taxable and is paid in addition to any other benefits the recipient is entitled to and disregarded from the benefit cap.
  • Conservatives have increased the initial payment for people with children from £2,000 to £3,500 under Bereavement Support Paymen
  • The new benefit is available to people of any age up to state pension age and younger spouses and civil partners without children now get monthly support for the first time
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