With only a few days left until the EU referendum vote on Thursday 23rd June, the result of the most important vote in our country for a generation is expected to be very close.

If you share my view that we should leave the EU please help deliver our final leaflets between now and Thursday.

It is crucial to our democracy that we give the British people back control from Brussels.

We should not continue to let unelected EU officials undermine controls at our borders or determine our laws. Nor should European judges stop us from deporting criminals and terrorists, or weaken our national security.

With the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK can thrive outside the EU and enter new trade deals with global partners. As the successful businessman Sir James Dyson has said, the idea that we cannot prosper as a sovereign country is cobblers.

The remain campaign has tried Project Fear with endless scaremongering. We need to have confidence in our country.

And we need to guard against future risks from the EU – such as more bailouts to euro countries, the out of control migrant crises, and countries like Turkey, Serbia and Albania joining the EU in the future adding yet more pressure to our GP surgeries, school places, and demand for housing.

If you agree with me that we should leave the EU, now is the time to stand up and be counted. Help deliver our leaflet in the last days of the campaign between now and Thursday. Email adam.fairbrother75@gmail.com as to how many leaflets you would like to deliver and what streets / areas you can do.

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