Encouraging Local GP Surgeries to apply to £50m fund for improved access to Patient Services

NHS online

I am urging GP surgeries in North Cambridgeshire to apply for a share of NHS England’s £50m ‘Challenge Fund’ which has been set aside to pilot extended opening hours and improved access to medical appointments. The NHS England Challenge fund will see at least one pilot scheme set up in each region to promote better …

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Campaigning for Manea Fire Station continues

I am sending a letter today inviting all Cambridgeshire MPs, the Chief Fire Officer, Union Representatives and Fire Authority members to meeting at Parliament in early September.  This will be an opportunity to discuss some of the issues I have highlighted on this blog in an effort to achieve greater transparency, to allow us to …

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New Information Suggests Manea Fire Station only costs £60K per year not £80K

As part of my efforts for greater transparency on the issue of Fire and Rescue services in Cambridgeshire, included below is a breakdown which has been passed to me setting out money spent on Manea Fire Station. This appears to suggest that the total spend was £60,000 per year, compared to the £80,000 suggested by …

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Independent Report challenges Fire Chief’s efficiency claim

An independent report from statisticians at the House of Commons Library, which is an independent non party political research body, challenges the key claim made by Cambridgeshire Fire Chiefs that they are “the cheapest fire service in the country per head of population”. The report from statistics expert Gavin Berman, which is produced in full …

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Two Public Accounts Committee hearings in two days

This week has seen two Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearings.  The first yesterday was a follow up meeting with the Permanent Secretary for Transport regarding how we ensure that Network Rail delivers both better service and value for money.  This is not the case at the moment with it falling up to 40% behind some …

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