Calling for more action to deal with £20 billion of public sector fraud

Every year, fraudsters are manipulating the tax and benefits systems and leaving a £20 billion black hole in departmental budgets. £20 billion is the equivalent of tax and benefit cheats draining £600 per second out of the system- enough to pay for 615,000 nurse’s salaries or 800 primary schools. Alternatively, we could invite 86,400 fraudsters …

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Calling on Sir David Nicholson to explain why over £2million of tax payers’ money has been spent on secret pay-offs

David Nicholson

In advance of Sir David Nicholson’s appearance before the Public Accounts Committee I spoke to several radio programmes about the £2million of taxpayer’s money that has been spent on paying NHS staff ‘golden goodbyes’. Many of these so-called ‘judicially mediated settlements’ will have included a gagging clause. The following clips are the most in depth …

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