Puppy Farming

puppy farming

The Environment Secretary has announced a call for evidence on banning third-party puppy sales and laid down a raft of measures in Parliament to crackdown on unscrupulous puppy breeders, as we take further steps to raise the bar on animal welfare standards.  What does this mean? – A call for evidence seeking views on a possible …

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Update on Phoenix Hotel, Wisbech

phoenix hotel

Considerable effort has been made by Fenland District Council to trace the owner of this building but unfortunately all efforts, including using international search agencies, have been unsuccessful. It would seem there are two options moving forward; the first is to do nothing in the hope that the owner will reappear at some point, which …

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New Wickes Store Comes to Wisbech

Wickes visit Phil Singleton and Steve Barclay MP 1

It’s great to see new businesses investing in our area.  When I visited Wickes recently I was particularly delighted to hear that this had been the best soft launch of any Wickes branch in recent years and has resulted in the creation of 40 new jobs.  This will, hopefully, encourage other businesses to look to invest …

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March Police Station is NOT Closing

March Police Station lores

Whilst out and about last weekend, several people asked about March Police Station closing.  This was news to me, so I contacted the PCC and have received the following statement ‘Contrary to rumours circulation, March police station is not closing’. I hope this reassures local constituents about this issue.

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Wisbech Incinerator

I am deeply disappointed to hear any suggestion that Cambridgeshire County Council were in discussions to take Norfolk’s ‘cast-off’ incinerator.  This proposal was extensively debated and rejected just a few miles away and it beggars belief that anyone would entertain that Wisbech should have Norfolk’s waste when the then Secretary of State intervened after finding …

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Agreed Funding for the Next Phase of Wisbech Rail

Wisbech Rail Meeting February 2018

I recently met with Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling and Mayor James Palmer and agreed funding for the next phase of Wisbech Rail - to carry out a GRIP3 study which is the next stage of studying the engineering and other costs of the scheme. Progress on Wisbech Rail was in practice sadly blocked by the Cambridgeshire Local Enterprise Partnership, but …

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Grange Road 1

Where Government money is allocated, I am keen to ensure we get our fair share rather than it disappearing to the south in and around Cambridge.  One area I have repeatedly highlighted is the money allocated by Government for fixing pot holes.  I know Grange Road near the March Golf Club is a particular problem …

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I am pleased to confirm that the Department of Education has published the Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Opportunity Area Delivery Plan, which will help local schools. This plan includes free National Qualifications for teachers in Fenland and East Cambs, which usually cost between £450 and £7,000. Teachers will have the opportunity to increase their skills, confidence …

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