Calling for more action to deal with £20 billion of public sector fraud

Every year, fraudsters are manipulating the tax and benefits systems and leaving a £20 billion black hole in departmental budgets. £20 billion is the equivalent of tax and benefit cheats draining £600 per second out of the system- enough to pay for 615,000 nurse’s salaries or 800 primary schools. Alternatively, we could invite 86,400 fraudsters …

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Joined up action on Fraud could help tackle £20bn black hole


Every year, fraudsters are manipulating the tax and benefits systems and leaving a £20 billion black hole in departmental budgets. Today’s welcome announcement of that the Cabinet Office has found £10billion of above-target savings across Whitehall could have been even more encouraging if departments had been taking co-ordinated action to claw back the £20 billion …

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Why is the NHS spending public money on inferior treatment, and why don’t patients know about it?

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Offers The Latest Technological Advances In Its Care

The NHS reform debate remains fixated with money. Budgets, we are led to believe, are directly related to the quality of treatment a patient receives. But in too many areas the same spending in comparable areas is producing widely differing results. Most patients remain in the dark, thinking that if a treatment is available locally, …

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Foreign patients owe NHS £70 million

Daily express Front Page

The Express Newspaper’s front page carried figures, uncovered by my Parliamentary Question, showing that foreign patients owe the NHS £70mln in unpaid bills. I was shocked to discover that over a 10 year period, many foreign patients or ‘health care tourists’ who have essentially been leaving hospital after receiving care and disappearing without trace, leaving …

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BBC admits wasting £100 million on data fiasco


Another day, another internal review for recently installed BBC Director General Tony Hall. This time round, it has emerged that £100m of licence fee payers’ money has been blown on the BBC’s ‘Digital Media Initiative’ since 2009 to deliver ‘little or no assets’, which in value for money terms equates to precisely nothing. After much …

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Challenging Nick Clegg on Wasteful Recruitment

I challenged Nick Clegg at Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions about the 90 new Policy Advisors and 30 new support staff he is recruiting to work on, amongsts other things, Constitutional Reform in the Cabinet Office.  These new posts will cost well over £1million a year and don’t seem to me to be the essentail front …

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