Chatteris in Myth and Memory Richard Savage Steve Barclay and Marian Savill 4
‘How comforting to place the blame not on human error, but the mythical panoply of Fen Horrors that included the Dead Hands, Witches, Jack o’ Lanterns – spiteful little creatures with little twinkling lanterns on their backs – Crawling Horrors, and decaying willows called Snags that wound their branches around unwary night travellers and held the prisoner.’
Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the successful release of Chatteris in Myth and Memory: Art through Storytelling. This wonderful book epitomises the fantastic talent of our local artists, and it offers a profoundly interesting account of Chatteris’ facts, myths and legends.
After utilising a range of successful local figures such as the renowned Polly Howat, the book has ensured that our fascinating local history and myths become well know to everyone. Well done to over 200 people who were involved in the project, and particularly to all the local children who helped to make Richard’s book. I look forward to seeing you all become successful writers in the future, and I wish the book the utmost success.
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