The roles of Chair and Chief Executive have been combined and Mark Reeve is now the Executive Chairman of the LEP, the local body allocated £150 million of public money.

In addition it appears Mr Reeve is also still chair of the LEP’s sub-committee on investment and sub-committee on agri-tech – although the LEP website remains silent on this.

As such the boss of the local funding body awarded £150 million of taxpayer funds appears to be in charge at three different levels – Board, Executive and Sub-committee levels.

This unprecedented concentration of power in someone unelected by the public is despite Mr Reeve failing to explain why his own business annual accounts for his building firm Chalcroft, had financial irregularities in the same year he became boss of the LEP. Mr Reeve personally signed the accounts which record these financial irregularities.

The decision to extend Mr Reeve’s power was proposed by John Bridge – who coincidentally will also decide on Mr Reeve’s salary as the new Executive Chairman. Mr Bridge chairs the remuneration committee which will decide how much public money to give Mr Reeve.

Any constituent who wants more information on these arrangements should contact John Bridge direct at j.bridge@cambscci.co.uk

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