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Back when I was first elected, I repeatedly questioned the lack of action to resolve the derelict Constantine House in Wisbech, only to be told the landlord refused to act. I found this unacceptable, and researched in the House of Commons library for a way to resolve this. I uncovered some old legislation called a ‘section 215 notice’ which, once served, the landlord was forced to repair the building.

I thought it would be helpful to share with you this spreadsheet produced by Fenland Council officers in back 2015, in response to my ongoing campaign to tackle derelict buildings. I hope this will stimulate further debate so residents can see where progress has been made and add their updates if the promised action has not materialised.

I am again questioning whether more can be done to speed up work on other derelict buildings. As you will see from my photo, there is little visibility of action by their owners of some of the buildings in the list from 2015 stating enforcement action was underway.

A section 215 notice involves the council securing a court order that then means if the owner does not repair the building they can be hit by a daily fine. This financially compels property owners to bring their buildings up to scratch rather than just land banking them. Yet whilst this was successfully done on Constantine House, it appears not to have happened on for example 30 Milner Road, Wisbech.


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