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I have recently received an update from Fenland District Council on the project underway to revive the derelict buildings which are an eye sore across our area. We are all pleased to see completed work at 13b Bridge Street, Chatteris, as well as at 21, 23 and 25 Hill Street, Wisbech. Following the serving of a S215 notice, work is also finished at the former ATS, Wisbech, which has remarkably improved the area.

Following this success, a further five S215 notices have been issued to the owners of derelict buildings across our area, meaning work can begin on these unsightly buildings. Issuing a S215 financially compels the owners of these building to undertake the necessary restoration, as I explained in my last update in May. A second S215 notice has been issued on Constantine House, to ensure swift renovations on the remaining issues such as the windows, now the roof has been fixed. It is hoped work will be finished at the end of the month.

It shows that issuing S215 notices is an effective measure in ensuring the restoration these buildings desperately need. I first highlighted this in my five page paper to the council in May 2013 and whilst it has taken longer for some buildings than hoped, it is clear that the approach I set out over two years ago has now produced positive results.

It is important that this momentum is now maintained for those buildings still to finish, such as for East Cambs Council in Sutton or Fenland Council in Doddington. We also have the decision on the £2 million Heritage Lottery bid for the High Street in Wisbech to come which hopefully will bring further improvements.
2013Derelict Buildings in Chatteris

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