Figures I have uncovered of huge payoffs for NHS bosses – some of whom never actually left the NHS – are the front page lead story of today’s Times (See Link here £).

It cannot be value for money for the NHS to spend so many millions paying a few top bosses to leave rather than this money going to improving patient treatment.

However, this issue is not a one-off. I have highlighted a series of excessive payments to a cosy club of NHS bosses who appear to have a revolving door from one NHS institution to another which reflects a cultural problem at the heart of the NHS.

Today’s figures follow earlier revelations in respect of payments used to gag whistleblowers raising legitimate patient safety concerns (Blog), the use of judicial mediation as a backdoor way to pay executives without Treasury approval(Blog), and the use of NHS funded charities as a vehicle to enable failed NHS bosses to move from a hospital being criticized into an alternative lucrative post.

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