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Update: we have received very welcome news from Jackie Wardle, Clerk to the Little Downham Parish Council, confirming that following my letter of 25th February the Parish Council have agreed to allocate £5000 of its Section 106 funds to cover the remaining part of the zebra crossing cost. This money together with the £10,000 Emma Turrell and I secured from the County Council means that we now have the total £15,000 cost of the project. I have therefore written to the County Council to seek confirmation that the formality of a PV Squared assessment can be waived and to ask for a date when work can begin. It would be great if we could have this in place by the start of the next academic year in September.

Further to the welcome announcement by Cambridgeshire County Council allocating £10,000 towards a zebra crossing outside Little Downham Feoffees Primary School attention now turns towards finding the remaining £5,000 towards completion of this project.

I have now undertaken some further research and discovered that Little Downham Parish currently has £14,891 of section 106 money which I understand has not yet been spent. The criteria applied for allocating section 106 money is that a project must have a wider community benefit.

Fortunately the proposed zebra crossing meets this test and therefore-while I very much respect that it is a decision for the Parish Council- it is now within their gift to use a third of the available section 106 money to allocate £5,000 so that the zebra crossing can go ahead.

I have therefore written to Little Downham Parish Council ( read Little Downham Letter here) to request that they consider funding the last tranche of money due so that the zebra crossing can now go ahead.

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