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Cambridgeshire County Council have set out plans to future proof Wisbech with a new secondary school and special educational needs (SEN) school to be built on Barton Road, between Wisbech and Wisbech St Mary​.

It has also been proposed that the TBAP Unity Academy which was being threatened with closure, which I intervened on behalf of parents last year to keep it open in Wisbech, would be able to relocate to the new site.

The scheme is in early stages of design which is being developed in collaboration with key stakeholders. The proposals are now going out for public consultation which is due to take place tomorrow, on 9 January from 3-7pm. This is a drop-in event and will be held at Wisbech St Mary’s Community Centre and the Queen Mary Centre in Wisbech.

I have asked the County Council to clarify what other drop-in events they plan and have also flagged the need for much greater clarity on what transport improvements will be put in place for a school on this site.


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