kings dyke

Kings Dyke Bridge now due for completion by spring 2020.

Having helped lobby the funding for this scheme – which Martin Curtis did a great job in securing when Leader of the County Council – I have shared the local frustration as technical issues have slowed progress, including as recently as last week when an unground electricity cable had to be repaired.

I am grateful to Cambridgeshire County Council for the updated construction schedule attached below, and will continue to work with Whittlesey Councillors who I know share my desire for work to be completed.

- Indicative construction cost based on early design – June 2018
- Completion of land acquisition – July 2018
- Contractor’s construction design/target cost provided – 1st August
- UKPN 33v diversion – September 2018
- Approval for construction – September 2018
- Work on site commences – October 2018
- Construction completion – Spring 2020

Whilst we are still awaiting the detailed engineering design work to be finalised and signed off, I am pleased we now have clarity of the remaining steps and end date, and will continue to emphasise how important this is to local residents.

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