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I am today launching a petition in support of local mum and childminder Emma Turrell’s bid to have a zebra crossing installed outside Downham Feoffees Primary School in Little Downham. Emma has submitted a bid to the Local Highways Improvement Agency which is offering funding for community road safety projects in 2014.

Having viewed first-hand the number of children and vehicles at school closing time, there is a clear need in my view for a zebra crossing. This would cause minimal inconvenience to motorists whilst greatly enhancing safety for the children coming in and out of school.

This will ensure that children aged between 4 and 11 are able to cross the busy main road safely at these peak times during the school day. The school has 204 pupils and 24 members of staff as well as elderly residents living nearby, many of whom need to cross the road on a daily basis. Having discussed our plans with the Skoda garage nearby, they have confirmed that the road gets particularly busy at school closing times and that they have no objection to plans for a Zebra crossing which is also supported by Little Downham Councillor Anna Bailey.

I would encourage all parents and local residents in Little Downham and the surrounding area to add their name to the campaign in order that we can demonstrate widespread public support to justify the £20,000 of installing a zebra crossing. As a Dad of a three year old and a one year old I am particularly aware of how important it is to ensure young children are safe when leaving school. This issue can and should now be addressed.

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