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Several pensioners from Chatteris recently informed me that travel from Chatteris to Cambridge was becoming increasingly more difficult due to changes to the bus timetables. The no. 9 bus which previously ran hourly switched to a two hourly service in January, this has had a major impact on the lives of pensioners living in Chatteris. Last year pensioners were able to use their free bus pass to catch the 10:20 AM service to Cambridge, giving them ample time before having to return. However, the switch in January has meant that the earliest service from Chatteris which entitles pensioners to use their free bus pass is at 11:20 AM, this quite simply does not provide adequate time before having to catch the return service back to Chatteris.

After holding a meeting with Andy Campbell, Managing Director of Stagecoach to discuss how we can make it easier for pensioners travelling between Chatteris and Cambridge, I was Informed that Cambridgeshire County Council have concessionary powers, to allow pensioners to use their free bus pass before 9:30 AM. There is currently a 9:20AM service from Chatteris to Cambridge and I therefore wrote to Cambridgeshire County Council requesting that free bus pass holders be able to travel on this journey as an exception, today I am happy to announce that Cambridgeshire County Council have kindly agreed to this request.

In a rural area such as our own, transport links are vital. Those who are most vulnerable often rely on public transport and I am pleased that working with Stagecoach and Cambridgeshire County Council has produced such a result for Chatteris.

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