A message from children at Peckover School in Wisbech went to the corridors of power after I met with Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for International Development.

I recently visited Peckover School and discussed with students their involvement in a global campaign to address the 58 million children around the world who currently do not go to school. Pupils read out letters explaining why this issue mattered to them, and presented me with cards they had coloured in. I agreed to take their letters to Justine Greening to ensure their voices were heard and she told me she was very impressed by the pupils’ commitment to this important issue.

The students made an excellent presentation and it is great to see them taking such an active interest in these important issues that affect children around the world. It is clear that a great deal of research had been done and they certainly made a positive impression on the Secretary of State!

Justine Greening-Steve Barclay

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