Ramnoth 1

It was great to be part of the grand opening of 12 new classrooms at Ramnoth Junior School in Wisbech today.

This completes the first phase of an overall £6.5 million investment to merge Ramnoth Junior School and Nene Infant and Nursery School. These improvements will allow children in all year groups to access facilities on one-site, improve circulation routes through the school and create more school spaces for local families.

The new classrooms are spacious, light and will create inspirational environments for the children to learn in as well as opening up the opportunity for local teachers and aspiring teachers to take training and courses.

Once the project is complete, the school will be a base for School Direct training, which offers local people with degrees the opportunity to train to become teachers.

I am really excited to see how the construction work progresses and the further opportunities that this investment will bring for our local area.

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