Kings Dyke 5

Motorists in Fenland will see journey times reduced following the great news that the long awaited scheme to ease the congestion at Kings Dyke rail crossing has been given the go ahead by the Planning Committee at Cambridgeshire County Council.

I have repeatedly campaigned with local Whittlesey Councillors, including Martin Curtis when he was Leader of the County Council and Cllr Ralph Butcher, to ensure this work went ahead. This included writing to the Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire County Council back in 2014 see blog post here, to push for updates on what was to be done to improve the level crossing.

I have continued to support the scheme which will make such a difference to motorists in and around Whittlesey, as the enclosed blogs show here and here. Therefore it is really positive news that the final planning hurdle has now been cleared.

The new scheme will see a new 1.1 km road built which will take the A605 over the rail crossing in a bridge. It will reduce the journey time of commuters from Fenland to Peterborough, and help the local businesses in Whittlesey grow. At present vehicles are often brought to a standstill for anytime between 8 to 25 minutes, every hour, as trains pass and with more freight and passenger trains planned for this route the crossing cannot come soon enough.

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