London Bus at St Peter's 3

Staff and students at St Peters Junior School were excited to welcome a new double decker bus to the school, with intentions to turn it into a library bus. The bus started life back in Birmingham in 1978 and will now be cherished as a creative space for children to enjoy the pleasures of reading.

The school are now appealing for skilled members of the local community, especially those with carpentry, electrical and plumbing skills to help restore the bus. Headteacher of St Peter’s Junior School, Andrew Saunders said, “As headteacher, I have to say it ranks as one of the most exciting days of my career in education. We have been trying for some time to get a bus in the school, to kit out as our library. This will free up some space in the school as we have been very short of places for group work etc. It will also provide a very exciting, creative space where children can relish their reading.”

Andrew went on the explain how he envisages the new bus, nicknamed WanDA due to its registration plate, will be used as a community asset, “In the fullness of time, we would like the area around the bus to be a ‘Reading Café’, complete with tables and chairs, where children and parents can enjoy reading, and where we can provide support and training, including for parents. We know there are already a number of other schools very interested in hearing about what we are doing.

While there is still a lot to do to turn it into the wonderful library we envisage, this is an amazing opportunity and one which makes St Peter’s unique in Wisbech. We look forward to seeing how it develops and the impact it has on children’s enjoyment of reading.”

This is a fantastic and creative initiative, which will be of a great benefit to the wider community.

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