Animal Sentience RSPCA

The Environment Secretary will today set out plans to strengthen animal welfare laws and enshrine animal sentience in domestic UK law.

Our new draft Bill will mean:

- Recognising and enshrining animal sentience in domestic UK law;

- Increasing the maximum prison sentence for animal cruelty tenfold, from six months to five years;

- Courts retaining the ability to hand out unlimited fines and ban offenders from owning animals in future.

RSPCA Head of Public Affairs David Bowles said:  “This is potentially great news for animals post-Brexit.

“To include the recognition of animal sentience as well as increasing animal cruelty sentencing to 5 years into the new 2018 Animal Welfare Bill is a very bold and welcome move by the Government.

“Even better, the legislation explicitly rejects the kind of exemptions for activities that the European Union deemed acceptable – such as bull-fighting and producing foie gras – which will offer even stronger protection than Article 13 of the EU Treaty could ever do.”

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