I’m calling for urgent action from Network Rail in a bid to end the noise misery endured by householders in what should be a quiet March street.
People living off Landau Way campaigned for years to try to halt the noise and pollution that is blighting their lives from railway engines that stop on tracks close to their homes with their motors running, sometimes for well over an hour at a time.
One woman, who has been in her bungalow for a year, said the pollution is so bad she has not yet been able to use her clothes line since she’s been in the property.
The tracks are raised which means the drivers can see directly into properties while they sit in their engine cabs.
The woman has to keep windows closed because of the pollution created and to stop the dirt caused by the diesel fumes from getting into her home.
She said Network Rail have previously agreed the engines should not stop on the tracks near her home and have also said the engines should be left running for no more than 10 minutes at a time.
There is also a hotline for residents to report incidents, but it has not been working in recent weeks.
“It is just awful the noise is constant for at least an hour sometimes nearly two. Early morning is the worst time for it and they just sit there making a noise, pumping out fumes. It is spoiling the enjoyment of our homes. We are all older, retired people and we should be able to sit in our gardens without this terrible disturbance,” said the woman, who has kept a log.
I agree, having heard the noise for myself, that the issue needs to be sorted and I would like Fenland District Council to carry out noise and air pollution monitoring and for Network Rail to stop the annoying practice, which is having such a detrimental effect on residents.
It is unacceptable, there appears to be no reason why these engines are kept running for such long periods of time. Network Rail needs to act and Fenland needs to ensure the air pollution levels are safe for these residents.
The railway is becoming much busier and the situation for these residents appears to be worsening. It is not acceptable that people should have to endure this kind of disturbance in their homes.
The accompanying video was shot on the morning of Thursday June 25th and the engine was sat outside the constituent’s home for more than an hour and a half on this occasion.

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