Stagecoach 1

Over the past couple of weeks, Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk and I have both received numerous complaints from constituents about the sudden rise in Stagecoach bus fares. A hike in fares at the end of March has seen weekly bus passes go up in price by nearly 50%, this places an enormous strain on families who use the bus to get their children to school. Parents also claim that they had no prior warning of the price increase.

Both Henry Bellingham MP and I have made enquiries to Stagecoach, to ascertain why the sudden and steep fare increase was necessary. The Managing Director for Stagecoach East, Andy Campbell, explained that the price increase has come from a change in fare structure to introduce a two zone fare system and that the day and weekly tickets offer unlimited travel within each zone.

I have written a joint letter with Henry Bellingham, to request that Stagecoach reconsider their price structures as such a sudden and dramatic change is not acceptable.

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