Jeremy Corbyn recently confirmed that Labour are taking a position that will mean the UK cannot have an independent trade policy after Brexit. This means that under Labour we would be unable to sign our own trade deals around the globe.

- This is a cynical attempt by Labour to try and frustrate the Brexit process and play politics with our country’s future – all the while, betraying millions of Labour voters.

- Labour’s confused policy would be bad for jobs and wages, it would leave us unable to sign up to comprehensive free trade deals, and it doesn’t respect the result of the referendum.

- Only the Conservatives are getting on with delivering what British people voted for, taking back control of our laws, borders and money.

- Brexit is a defining moment in the history of our nation. We will be forging an ambitious new partnership with Europe and charting our own way in the world to become a truly global, free-trading nation. Under Labour’s plans, we would not be able to do this, and their confused and uncertain position shows yet again how they are trying to frustrate the process.

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