I have reported Network Rail to the Rail Regulator after I uncovered new information which revealed that they have brushed off residents’ concerns with false information.

Trains sitting for over an hour with their engines running yards from homes in Landau Way, March has been a cause of considerable distress to residents affected by the noise and air pollution. For years, residents have been campaigning to try and halt this noise and pollution blighting their lives. Yet Network Rail have previously repeatedly said they have no responsibility for these trains, blaming instead passenger train operating companies.

The letter (see below) stated that Network Rail is not responsible for the operators of the locomotives as they only manage the railway network and infrastructure. However, I have now discovered that the sidings at the rear of Landau Way are Network Rail sidings used to stable trains or wagons accessing or departing from their infrastructure supply depot at Whitemoor Yard.

Network Rail Letter

I have now written to Mark Carne, the Chief Executive of Network Rail in response to a letter I received from Network Rail on 23 July (see below), and have escalated the dispute to the Office of Rail Regulator.

I am extremely disappointed by Network Rail’s response which fails to address the noise and pollution problems experienced by Landau Way residents. It also shows that my complaint has not been fully investigated. As the sidings at the rear of Landau Way are Network Rail infrastructure and any locomotives working under them are contract to Network Rail infrastructure, this is a relevant complaint for Network Rail to investigate.

Network Rail need to take urgent action to end this misery. I have also asked Fenland District Council’s Environmental Health Officer to consider enforcement action as this is a clear breach of the rules and it is time they prosecuted the firm given their refusal to address residents’ concerns.

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