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I have had a number of constituents in the Chatteris and Mepal area contact me about Pretoria Energy’s plans for an anaerobic digestion plant and the fact they have resubmitted their application to Fenland District Council following the decision to refuse a previous application in February.

The people who have been in touch have been both for and against the development, with people raising concerns about the traffic it will generate and the problems associated with heavy tractors and trailers on the narrow Fen roads.

There are also concerns about potential smell pollution from the plant and also the loss of grade one agricultural land for the production of maize to fuel the plant.

I am also personally concerned about the close proximity of such a facility to a Site of Special Scientific Interest and what impact it might have on the Ouse Washes.

On the pro side people are in favour of the application because it will be producing renewable energy, coupled with the green aspects that entails.

It is an issue I am keen to hear local people’s views on and so I have launched two petitions to run side by side, one in favour of the application and the other opposed to it, so I can gauge the strength of feeling on both sides.

I understand Fenland planners have until May 28th to determine the resubmitted application, and there are two possible dates when they can do this: April 30 or May 28 with the latter date more likely.

If you have an opinion on this major development then please scroll down and complete the appropriate petition and I thank you for taking the time and trouble to give me your views.

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