Manea train station

A whistleblower has privately disclosed to me that a local funding body allocated £359,000 of Government funding for Fenland station improvements is blowing the lot on endless report writing, without any construction work being done with this funding. 

It is the equivalent of paying a £30,000 a year rail consultant for almost 12 years to write reports on Fenland stations!

In a sweetheart deal with Network Rail, the Government money received by the Cambridgeshire Local Enterprise Partnership is said to have been handed over in full to the rail company – in a secret arrangement not disclosed to myself as the local MP or as far as I am aware to Fenland councillors.

Instead of much needed improvements to local stations, such as to better parking at Manea and Whittlesea, or adding in new lighting to make Whittlesea station safer during the dark winter months, the £356,000 I am told is being entirely spent on consultancy fees without any actual work being carried out at any of the Fenland stations.

We now need full disclosure as to how many Network Rail consultants are being paid, at what hourly rate, for how long, and why this has been kept secret?

Does it really make sense to spend so much on Network Rail consultants writing reports, when this money could be better spent on urgent new lighting or car park improvements?

Any rail users with views on this should email the Chair of the LEP Transport Panel John Bridge at

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