I enjoyed a remarkable evening at the Royal Albert Hall last night at which Fenland was put on the map by our country’s top business leaders. The Wisbech Choir and local presenters joined Lenny Henry to star centre stage.

The HRH Prince of Wales Business in the Community Awards included bosses from firms such as Marks and Spencer and Sky. Peter Simpson, Chief Executive of Anglian Water hosted this year’s event and chose to put Wisbech 2020 at the heart of the evening. His place-based approach to community business support, like the new apprenticeship training facilities opening at the College of West Anglia two weeks ago, was one of a number of examples through which he challenged other business leaders to adopt a town as ‘their Wisbech’.

The highlight of the evening was the four local presenters from Wisbech who stole the show. Well done to Charlotte Cameron, Sebastian Njingo, Chloe Browne and Eve Norman who were fantastic, as were the choir who electrified the evening.

There is still much to do on Wisbech 2020 – and yes Network Rail were amongst the business leaders there – but this event showed how much progress has and is being made. When Wisbech 2020 launched I doubt anyone expected it to be showcased at the Royal Albert Hall.

Thank you to Chief Executive Peter Simpson and his team both for using the opportunity of last night so imaginatively and effectively to promote our area and for their continued support of Wisbech 2020. They certainly put Wisbech and Fenland on the map for business leaders and investors last night.


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