Schools Minister, Nick Gibb MP has teamed up with Penguin publishers to offer all schools the chance to purchase 30 copies of each one of their 100 titles in the popular Black Classics collection for £3,000 (£1 per book!).

Although aimed towards the younger years in secondary education, all schools and sixth forms can apply, the initiative will encourage children to discover some of the greatest books, literature has to offer, which will challenge and provoke discussion. Many of the titles in the collection will be recognisable from film and television, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Twelve Years a Slave, to name just a few.

Nick Gibb MP said, “It is important that all pupils in secondary school are taught to read and enjoy challenging books from amongst the world’s greatest literature. The first few years of secondary education is an opportunity for pupils to be introduced to such literature free from the constraints and analysis of public exams.

I welcome this initiative from Penguin and look forward to seeing the list grow so schools can discover great books together.”

To register for the scheme or to browse the titles available, click here.

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