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Unblocking an impasse to ensure Littleport received £37.5 million investment for new secondary school, and leisure centre

I had the privilege of officially opening both the Littleport Academy and Highfield Littleport Academy which is part of a £37.5 million site sharing the campus with the new Leisure Centre. With superb facilities and a talented team of teachers and support staff, pupils in Littleport will have countless opportunities to progress and grow.

The funding for the development came following an 11th hour deal brokered to resolve a long-standing impasse over the multimillion pound school and leisure centre scheme.

There was a clear impasse between the Littleport Parish Council and Littleport Leisure Trust, which if unresolved would have resulted in the whole scheme being lost. However, at the 11th hour I managed to persuade key players: David Ambrose-Smith of the leisure trust and Andy Wright of the parish council to agree to a compromise, which unblocked the impasse and ensured Littleport got its £37.5 million investment in a new secondary school, and leisure centre.

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