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Thank you to everyone who attended the public meeting on Friday night on the mega-incinerator proposal for Fenland.

This scheme is deeply flawed. Specifically the developer has questions to answer in respect of whether national planning guidance is being correctly followed, such as the lack of any alternative sites, consultation over Christmas, the lack of real public engagement, undue haste in their process, and above all, the decision to build on such a massive scale that avoids local planning authorities and makes this a “national“ scheme due to its 50 megawatts capacity.

It is striking that the response to an incinerator being rejected next door in West Norfolk is to suggest the answer is to build one twice the size.

The enormous size of plant in turn makes this location even more unsuitable. The volume of waste required means there would be huge volumes of traffic on single carriage way roads across our area 7 days a week, on a site very close to three schools, creating noise pollution, road congestion and road safety impacts. Flooding risk and visual blight from a chimney up to 95m high and visible for miles around, are just some of the issues with the choice of site.

This is made worse by the lack of detail on key issues from the developer, such as the environmental impact, effect on Wisbech Rail line where a key engineering report is due from the Combined Authority in June, the extent to which they plan to use the compulsory purchase of land and on what land, or the implications for nearby houses and businesses which, to date, have been kept in the dark by the developer.

I will continue to voice local opposition to this scheme, including to the Planning Inspector and to Ministers in Parliament. I am also working with neighbouring MPs who would face significant traffic congestion from this scheme.

I am grateful to Wisbech Town Council and Fenland District Council for their clear opposition to this proposal, and hope Cambridgeshire County Council do likewise when they consider this issue shortly.

If you haven’t already, please add your name to my petition by visiting which will also enable us to keep in touch with you as this unfolds.


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