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Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn

Regular readers will know I am a fierce advocate for health care being delivered as close to home as possible, particularly low risk, high volume, routine services. However, it’s also important that we have fit-for-purpose major hospitals to deal with complex needs and procedures. Therefore I wanted to throw my weight behind the campaign to rebuild the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn. Many constituents will have paid a visit to the hospital at one time or another and recent visitors will have seen that the roof is currently supported by almost 200 metal poles. Although the Government has supported the hospital with funding to address immediate issues, the hospital is 40 years old and there comes a time when repeated short term fixes become more costly and less patient friendly than starting afresh. I will work with colleagues to support their campaign to see the QEH on the list for funding. My son was born at the QEH so I know from personal experience how important it is to many families in the constituency and beyond.


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