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Stop the Incinerator

MVV, the developer behind plans for an enormous incinerator in Wisbech, has announced it will be holding formal consultation about the proposals between 28 June and 13 August. Constituents will know I am strongly against this plan and think there are many key concerns that still haven’t been fully addressed, such as the impacts on health, traffic, and the environment amongst others. A preliminary environmental information report will be produced as part of the consultation, but key ecological surveys are ongoing and the company has only just been granted permission by the Planning Inspectorate to access land belonging to other parties (including Fenland District Council) to carry out the surveys. A full Environmental Statement won’t be produced until the application is submitted towards the end of the year, when it will be too late for the public to give their opinion. To avoid a local planning decision, the scheme needs to generate over 50 megawatts of power to qualify as a nationally significant infrastructure project – but the timescale to this level of energy production is still unclear. I believe a facility of this size is wholly unsuitable and I will be writing to MVV again to reinforce my opposition.


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